Hire Film Crew - On Location or In Studio

Need a run and gun production crew or videographer on location? Our production crew can be mobile and ready at your location with only 24 hour notice!

Need a last minute fill in for part of your crew that cancelled?

Our crew members all have a minimum of three years production experience in their specific area and have been on a min of 50 sets.

Call us today to reserve a member of our crew for your next production.
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*Reel Creative Studios is not responsible for any transfer of files (video or sound) unless you have specifically hired DIT or our Editors


Film Production Crew Rates (In Studio - Call for On Location) Half Day
(3 to 5 Hours)
Full Day
(5 to 10 Hours)
Director of Photography $495-$650 $750-1300
Camera Operator $395 $595
Sound Technician (with gear) $495 $595
Gaffer/Lighting Tech $395 $595
Script Supervisor $325 $525
Teleprompter Operator $395 $595
Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist $350 $495
DIT Tech $395 $595
Production Assistant $195 $250