Live Broadcast Service

Webcasts, Internet Media Tours, Live Webcasts, B-Rolls and More.

Live Green Screen Broadcast to Facebook or any other website!

Other Production Houses can charge anywhere from $5,000 and up for a simple live broadcast.

Reel Creative Studios can cut that expense to as little as $700 per hour of live broadcasting.

Our Live Webcast Service Includes:

  • A Full Production Studio with Camera, Lights, Sound and Grip
  • A Broadcast Camera Man
  • Sound Technician
  • Lighting Technician
  • Green Screen Capabilites to allow you to update your background to any image or video
  • Live Broadcast Software
  • Technical Support
  • Makeup Services (upon request)

We can also record, produce and edit your non live events for much less.

Stream Live To Facebook!
Using Green Screen to superimpose an image or a 3D studio, Reel Creative Studios can broadcast straight to your Facebook fan page or any website that you choose.
The end result is a Live broadcast that can show case your products or services for a fraction of the cost.
Live Broadcasting can provide endless opportunities for people all over the world to enjoy your product.

Our special green screen process provides a better key than painted hard cycs or green paper as it is hot spot resistant.
Our green screen studio is equipped with an HD 1080p fully digital pro cam along with professional sound and lighting.

Our studio can be used for Promotional Videos, News Room Videos, Pod Casst, Short Films, Casting, and Photography shoots.
Our professional green screen software can stream live video directly onto our 42” HD monitor and a 27” high resolution iMac allowing you to view your super imposed image live, as you shoot. Technical assistance and direction for your shoot is always available. We understand that every production is unique. And service comes first with a Friendly and Professional staff to make sure your project runs smoothly.

Call Us Today to Discuss Your WebCast Project with One of Our Specialists: (646) 688-5007